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Hi I’m Melissa

Hey there! My name is Melissa, I grew up in Florida and I've had a camera in my hand since my dad bought me my first 35mm (film camera) for high school yearbook staff at our local pawn shop. I brought that Minolta film camera with me to college and on days I felt homesick and alone I would wander down to the river in our North Carolina town and hike along the path taking artsy "nature" pictures. I always dreamed of a career as a photographer, I just never knew how to start. Fast forward to eating wings after work with one of my best friends where we started "dreaming" and we both threw out the idea of being photographers. And then came Stay Forever Photography! And for the next 6 years we photographed hundreds of weddings all over the US and even international destination weddings. It was such an amazing time in my life to travel the world with my best friend and to have so much fun meeting people and capturing so many epic love stories. I wouldn't trade those memories for anything in the world. When life took me away from Florida we decided to go our separate ways and as Jess continued photography while I was in a new state figuring out the next chapter. After a lot of soul searching I decided to get back into planning events and eventually found myself at the Livestrong Foundation. This foundation helped my mom tremendously during her 6 year battle with cancer. I had finally found a home with an organization who had meant so much to my family in really tough times and for the first time in a few years I didn’t feel lost. But as much as I focused on the many joys of my job a part of me always missed capturing love stories, shooting beautiful weddings, and dancing at receptions with a camera in my hand. During my break from full time photography I still photographed friends engagements, weddings and even family shoots. It filled my heart with joy to be able to photograph those special times in my friends lives and as I look back now I feel as if they were leading me back to my heart's true passion. Which brings us back to present day and my "relaunch" into the world of photography. I am excited to begin this journey again here in Austin where I've called home for the past three years. I feel happier than I have felt in years (thanks to a tremendously supportive boyfriend, rockstar friends, and family) and really supported to continue to follow this crazy dream. So if you're a hopeless romantic who loves to adventure and you want your authentic love story captured just the way you are then send me an email, shoot me a text, give me a call. Bonus points if you want to bring your adorable dog(s) to your photo shoot too!


Bear & Weezie

The best dogs ever.



The coolest cat in town.