Dan & Bernadatte // Austin, Texas // #lovebyrds

I’ve known Dan since my days of working at Livestrong, back when we sat across the aisle from each other in our cubes throwing yellow wristbands at each other. It didn’t take me long to figure out that anyone who’s anyone is friends with Dan, well if you were cool enough. He would often impress us with his magic tricks, amazing drawings, and stellar jokes. He’s just an all around great guy.

Dan had started mentioning a girl named Bernadette and we all started teasing him that she actually didn’t exist because none of us had met her in person (as friends do). We asked to call her “bernie” which he quickly nixed that idea. Then as we were all getting excited about our holiday party we heard Dan mention that he was bringing his girlfriend to the party. We were all excited to meet her because we knew it would take someone equally as awesome to keep up with Dan! And she totally is :)

It has been really amazing to watch their relationship grow over the years. Dan proposed right before they left on their summer trip to Italy and we (the old Livestrong crew) were so happy for them both. I might have texted Bernadette to hit me up for engagement photos when she was sitting on the plane to Italy :) haha! Thanks for braving the cold, sitting in fields of dead grass and logs, standing in ice cold rivers and making me laugh for an hour straight. It was such a joy to capture these moments for you guys in this chapter of your life. Can’t wait for the next one #lovebyrds 2020.